Message from B.C. Ministry of Health

October 30, 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the informational webinar about the Patient Voices Network transition on Wednesday. Your many questions and comments were much appreciated and help us to understand your concerns and interest as we work through the transition. In follow-up we will be posting a Question and Answer document within the week to ten days. As it was not possible to hear everyone’s comments on Wednesday, we plan to have another webinar during the week of November 9th. Updates on the date and time will be posted soon on the website. Please note that it is possible the website will be unavailable for a few days during the transition but it will be functional shortly thereafter. Alternatively, you can go to where we will also post information on our Ministry website.

We would also like to invite you to ask questions or provide comments to our inbox and to let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list. Please note that we will not contact you unless you have given permission to the ministry or ImpactBC for us to continue to keep in touch. We will answer all of your emails, unless you request that we do not respond but, due to the high volume of emails, we are asking for your understanding that it may take a few days before we are able to reply.

Thank you again for your interest in learning more about the transition of the Patient Voices Network. We value all of our volunteers and we hope that you will continue to keep in contact with us.

Update for Patient Voices Network Friends and Volunteers

Last updated: October 15, 2015

As a result of the recent Ministry of Health RFP (Request for Proposals), Deloitte Inc. has been awarded the contract for portions of Patients as Partners Quality Improvement Services, which includes the Patient Voices Network.

What will happen to ImpactBC and its staff?
ImpactBC's contract with the Ministry of Health to administer the Patient Voices Network ends on October 31, 2015.The Board of Directors of ImpactBC has made the difficult decision to close the organization. All staff and management will be laid off at the end of October.
What will happen to the Patient Voices Network?
The Patient Voices Network will be administered by Deloitte Inc.
How will PVN information be shared with Deloitte Inc.?
In order to support the transition from ImpactBC to Deloitte Inc., all patient partners will be contacted for approval to transfer their personal information to Deloitte Inc.This is a requirement of privacy legislation—we require explicit permission to share your name, address, contact information and date of birth if you wish to continue as a PVN patient partner.
When will this happen?
ImpactBC and the Ministry of Health are working on the wording of the message—we anticipate that it will be sent to all friends and volunteers of the Network in the next week.
What happens to me in placements where I am already volunteering?
If you are currently in a volunteer placement, please check with the health care partner lead of the placement for support or clarification about ongoing meetings after October 31, 2015
What if I have been confirmed for a placement with a starting date after October 31, 2015.
You will be contacted directly by the health care partner directly with details about the placement.
What if I choose not to share my personal information with Deloitte Inc. but I want to continue as a volunteer?
Please discuss this with your health care partner lead so that they are aware of your preference.

If you have further questions, please contact We will keep you updated as information is available.

Thank you for your support of ImpactBC and the Patient Voices Network.